1. Some freehand side of hand script for Ash this morning. Thanks bro.

  2. Finished this flower off for Nicky! Name and lines are healed. Starting the other side in dec. thanks buddy!

  3. Did some final touch ups on @rbtattooer today, thanks for being a legend. I’m stoked with this front and would love to do some more. For booking enquiries email me - maverickreevetattoo@outlook.com

  4. The world is yours. For Tate. Thanks legend. I’m always keen for more lettering! Email me for enquiries - maverickreevetattoo@outlook.com - thanks for looking.

  5. Vicki’s feet and ankles all finished up! Mostly healed. Covering some pretty hefty scars in both sides. Thanks mate!

  6. And a side of the knee-only outline on @cassalexia to finish the day. Thanks legend!

  7. Some paintings I’ve done over the last year. Thanks to all who have bought prints!
    The tiger skull original is for sale. Email me for enquiries - maverickreevetattoo@outlook.com thanks for looking

  8. Bit more on Jai this morning. Thanks bro!

  9. Close up of the bottom corner.

  10. 30 something hours and I’m finally finished this piece for #inkdotsblackspots gaping next month. Make sure you keep informed as money made from prints sold will go to charity. Exhibition will be happening in melbourne so go check it out. @simplesime

  11. Burgers got in the way of finishing it tonight. But nearly there. 20 something hours in.

  12. Bonnie’s shoulders left fresh, right healed. For appointments email me - maverickreevetattoo@outlook.com

    Thanks for looking.

  13. And just did this mum on Bonnie’s other shoulder. Thanks again mate!

  14. Needs a few minor touch ups but this a healed one on Bonnie.

  15. Blade runner has been keeping me company tonight. 22 hours in. Should have it finished tomorrow night.